Play Drums
          Band Workshops For Bands
                       Improvisation Workshops

  • Individual and group drum lessons

  • Learn grooves of all styles (rock, pop, funk, jazz, etc.)

  • Coordination and independence, body and stick position, ear training

  • Play along with your favourite songs, learn to read music

  • Soloing and improvisation

  • Band Workshop: Focus on band sound, time, timing, groove, arrangements, etc.

  • Improvisation Workshop: Playing together with forms, motifs, sound research

  • Drum lessons take place at my rehearsal space in Zug

  • Prices:     30min | CHF 55           45min | CHF 87.50           60min | CHF 110

I am a professionally trained musician (Master of Arts in Music Pedagogy and Master of Arts in Music MHS Lucerne) with a long lasting experience in teaching as well as hundreds of concerts all over the world.

I‘m looking forward to hearing from you!