This band invites the careful listener to a sound world of intimate fragility up to virtuoso ecstasy. Vivid communication, joy, a high willingness to carry a risk and an strong sense for the momentum characterises this band. The compositions form the framework, set a mood, give a direction, but also give a lot of room for strong decisions. They are a platform for collective improvisation. This is music for both mind and heart! LISTEN HERE!


„Really nice indead. If you‘re „free enough“ to take appreciate this music will conquer new worlds.“ (Jannek Roland Meyer, Jazz Podium D)

„The Switzerland-German ensemble has the same agility as the legendary Keith Jarrett Quartet, with a melodic saxophone as a spearhead, an immaculately ironed and picking bassist and a pianist who provides room for the music to breathe. Huber himself is a creative drummer with a great sense of melody and sound. A strong debut!" (Herman te Loo, Jazzflits NL)

„The music builds and grows naturally. This is a beautiful album.“ (Thierry Giard,

Philipp Gropper Saxophon

John Schröder Klavier

Oliver Potratz Bass

Alex Huber Schlagzeug / Komposition